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Two-phase lotion that restores the hair structure of recently colored hairs and provides thermal protection to facilitate hair brushing and ironing.


Lanosterin´s CPS2 is a two-phase lotion that combines elements that protect and restores the hair structure. One phase contains an antistatic, detangling and conditioning agent that neutralizes the negatives charges (frizz) and facilitates hairstyling. The other phase contains silicon macromolecules to restore the hair cuticle, seal pores and avoid the loss of the hair's natural moisture to obtain a long-lasting shine.


Shake the vial until the two phases are mixed evenly. Spread the entirety of the vial on damp hair. Rub gently until achieving a uniform distribution. Do not rinse. Style as desired, or proceed to brush or iron the hair.



         AMPOLLA24 24 ampollas x 13 ml c/u.

                ampolla12 12 ampollas x 13 ml c/u.

Caja de 24 ampollas por 13ml. c/u.
Caja de 12 ampollas por 13ml. c/u.
Blister 4 ampollas por 13ml. c/u.