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kerating soft



Softens gray hair for better hair coloring.


Lanosterin’s Kerating Soft is a lotion that prepares the hair fiber for the coloring process by opening the hair’s cuticle for the proper penetration of the hair color, for an even color and the elimination of stubborn and glassy gray hairs.


There are two ways to use Kerating Soft from Lanosterin:
• ONE: Spread the product on dry hair, in the areas to be treated (stubborn gray hair). Rub gently until distributing the product evenly. Dry with hot air. Apply the hair color or perm as usual.
• TWO: Pour the contents of the vial in a bowl with the hair color already prepared in the usual way and proportions.


                AMPOLLA24 24 ampollas x 13 ml c/u.

                        ampolla12 12 ampollas x 13 ml c/u.

Caja de 24 ampollas por 13ml. c/u.
Caja de 12 ampollas por 13ml. c/u.
Blister 4 ampollas por 13ml. c/u.