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Anti-frizz conditioner, detangler and instant moisturizer for all types of hair. Contains keratin, wheat protein, and UV filter.


Lanosterin´s Bifásico is a no-rinse, detangling, nutrient-rich treatment that facilitates hair styling and adds shine. The white phase has conditioning and anti-frizz components for a shinier and silkier hair facilitating both wet and dry hairstyling and reducing the frizz. The green phase is the aqueous phase that provides high-protein and moisturizing components derived from the keratin and wheat protein that reinforces and seals properly the protective layers of the hair fiber. Also contains sunscreen to protect the hair from the action of the sun's rays and of harmful environmental agents.


Shake well before use to mix well both phases and spray evenly over clean hair, whether moist or dry. Proceed to style as desired.


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Frasco de 110 ml.
Frasco de 250 ml.