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Lan Therapy Control Caspa Locion purificadora 12ampollas


Purifying lotion for the scalp that invigorates the hair shaft. With piroctone olamine.


• Step 1: Shampoo.
• Step 2: Purifying lotion.
Intensive treatment with antimicrobial, purifying and decongestant action that tackles dandruff in a quick and lasting fashion, and sooths any irritations in the scalp. Contains very effective ingredients to control dandruff and normalize cellular renewal.


After washing the hair with Lanosterin’s Dandruff Shampoo, slightly dry your hair with a towel and apply it directly on the scalp leaving separations of 1cm. Massage gently to promote the penetration of the product. Do not rinse.
Frequency: Three vials per week, on alternate days, for 30 days.

Caja de 12 ampollas por 13 ml c/u