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Lan Therapy Control Caida shock concentrado 12unid



Intense, concentrated and effective treatment that targets persistent hair loss. With Capillisil HC™ , Vital ET™ and allantoin


• Step 1: Shampoo.
• Step 2: Concentrated shock
Intensive treatment highly concentrated that reactivates cellular microcirculation, invigorating the hair bulb to stimulate hair growth. Contains ingredients derived from silicon with proven efficacy in the hair loss treatment as it stimulates the metabolism of the hair follicle by promoting its strengthening, growth and vitality.
• Step 3: Maintenance lotion


After washing the hair with Lanosterin’s Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo, slightly dry your hair with a towel and apply it directly on the scalp leaving separations of 1cm. Massage gently to promote the penetration of the product. Do not rinse. Frequency: One vial a day for 12 days. Follow the treatment with the Maintenance Lotion of Lanosterin’s Hair Loss Control System.