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Revitalizing ANTI-AGE conditioner for weathered hair due to the passage of time. WITH HYDROLYZED KERATIN PROTEIN AND HYDRA POLYMER™


• Step 1: Anti-age Shampoo.
• Step 2: Anti-age Conditioner.
Nourishes and restores the hair fiber. Its multi-functional Hydra-Polymer agent adds body and vitality to the hair fiber by counteracting the free radicals that damage its structure and cause hair aging. Its high concentration of keratin repairs and properly seals the protective layers of the fiber, favoring the regeneration and restructuring of the hair, providing smoothness, vitality and extreme brightness.
• Step 3: Anti-age mask


Apply on damp hair from the middle of the hair shaft down to its ends. Massage it lightly and leave it in for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water until totally removing the product.


       lanwav 8.45 fl oz