LANOSTERIN is a specialized haircare brand with over 50 years of experience in the domestic market. This has allowed us to develop a large product line-up that meets the demands of every type of hair. Strong, healthy and beautiful hair is at the tip of your fingers. Our products will provide the hair with the necessary nutrients for its growth and strengthening.

A special blend of art and technology is the result of years of hard work and dedication invested in our passion: Beauty. LANOSTERIN’s builds upon this effort to introduce its new image and products enhanced with cutting-edge formulas, upholding the quality that sets us apart.
LANOSTERIN introduces eight large families:

LANTECH is a product line suitable for the daily tasks of hairstylists. LANTECH COLOR includes our Color Essence hair coloring products plus a group of complementary products fit for hair coloring processes. As well, LANTECH TECNICO is an array of products designed for technical work, such as: hair straightening, perms, cleaning, among others.

LAN TREAT is our range of hair treatment and lotion products that covers from hair conditioning to hair repair products ideal for damaged, rough or limp hair.

LAN STYLE is the finishing and touch-ups line. It is ideal to give the final and artistic touch to hairstyles, cuts, and intricate hairstyling.

LAN THERAPY addresses those severe problems affecting the scalp that hamper the healthy and clean growth of the hair strand.

LAN KERATIN is the resale line for hair salons to tackle specific hair problems, such as: dandruff, greasy hair, aging, among others.

DEPILLINI is LANOSTERIN’s hair removal product line prepared with natural beeswax, the ideal product for an effective depilation.

HOME CARE is our line of products developed for cleaning and conditioning the hair at home.



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